MACRONICA - Weekly Report

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Trade against the herd using official and carefully processed interbank data.

We reduced the quantitative analysis to one weekly report, which shows us "all the good stuff".

Data collection and organization are meticulous but necessary processes.

In addition, being up to date and interpreting the information correctly, especially when you have another job or business, is a challenge for many of us who are interested in the global financial markets.

MACRONICA is the report that tells us what asymmetric opportunities are currently on Forex, Stock Indices, Energies, Metals, Grains, Commodities, and Crypto, taking into account the Fundamental and Supply & Demand Analysis.

The document includes:

-Instructions for Use and Interpretation;

-Fundamental Analysis: GIP Model table;

-Supply and Demand Analysis: COT Report table. #PROmax

We use shades of blue (for a Buy/Long) and red (for a Sell/Short) which show us how strong the signals are, based on objective and statistical research.

Each cell in the document has its own custom formula and market-specific conditional formatting.

The report is published every SATURDAY @ 08: 30 (US), in English and Romanian.

Based on the results, we can anticipate where the monetary policy is heading and see which are the herds in the markets right now!

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MACRONICA - Weekly Report

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